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S Kruger The Band


My Writings and Doings

  • See my website for my writings and news about the band, the fans, and other topics
  • My book You Get What You Need:  Stories of Fans of the Rolling Stones (see cover and info in the next column.)

My Interests

The Stones, The Blues, The Internet, Film, Books, Art, Acting, Writing,  creative humans, most cats and dogs.   

My book on Rolling Stones Fans

Title:  You Get What You Need:  Stories of Fans of The Rolling Stones (Miniver Press, Dec. 2014)
Author:  andee (Andrea J. Baker)

Forward: by Stonesdoug
Content: Based on interviews with over 100 fans, 3/4 from Shidoobee
Topics:  Background:  The Stones and the counterculture, How you first heard the music, Choosing your username online, How the internet affects offline experience, Highlights of concerts, Meeting the band.



Glimmer Twins in Chicago 06 by 3dteafoe